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Avocet On October - 17 - 2010

At 9am this morning whilst wandering up the garden to let the chickens out I heard a chiffchaff-like call from the sycamores in the lane. I went back for my bins and lo and behold, what should be flitting around but a diminutive Yellow browed Warbler. It flicked across to the hawthorn tree above me and then proceeded to leaf-bathe in the heavy dew and preen. I went in and woke Chris and went back to check the bird was still there but it had moved back into the sycamores. Chris joined me, bleary eyed, and had brief views before it flew over the garden into the garden behind us and was lost from view. What a terrific start to a beautiful sky blue day. [Yellow browed Warbler is a rare autumn vagrant from Siberia, although several do turn up in Cornwall each year]

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