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Millbrook Lake is the centrepiece of Millbrook Village in East Cornwall. It is locally important for a variety of  wetland birds providing breeding habitat and sites for feeding, bathing, roosting and resting.

The islands in the Lake were constructed in the 1980s and have become badly eroded over the past 30 years. The line of posts show the original outline.

In 2010, following feedback from the Millbrook Village Plan an application was made to the Heritage Lottery Fund Community Spaces Programme to fund habitat improvements that would include restoration of the islands. We wanted a solution that had longevity yet was still aesthetically appealing and enabled access for birds from the water.

Three years later, with £48.000 of Lottery funding and after many meetings, numerous setbacks and the exchange of hundreds of emails, we were able to appoint a contractor, TMS Maritime from Teignmouth. The design and methodology was approved and work began in November 2013.