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What people have said about Tamar Wildlife


I would just like to say what a lovely, friendly and helpful bunch of lads that did our lake, nothing was too much trouble for them to explain to us what was going on. With this lake being a place for walking dogs, the lads were very wary of them and very patient. The lake looks lovely, it was very nice to meet them all.                        Fiona Stevens  4/12/13

Island looking great, can’t wait to see it finished.                     Barbara Rose  4/12/13



Have only just seen your website. Delighted to see that you are still chasing the Tamar birds, we have happy memories. All the best.                                     Tony Soper 3/03/14

Can I say a huge thank you on behalf of all the TAVATA members who came on your cruise earlier this week. Everyone enjoyed themselves enormously, and we were blessed with a glorious few hours of sunshine for the duration. Delighted that there are so many birds around this year. Thrilled to see 2 kingfishers and the spoonbill. I’d never seen so many avocets – they are so exquisitely graceful ad reminded me of the corps de ballet!                                                                              Valerie Taplin 1/02/14

I really enjoyed the trip – it was great to explore the river for the first time, to meet some of the other volunteers and to chat to some of the enthusiastic customers. Everyone I spoke to had a really enjoyable time, helped by the fair weather and by great views of kingfisher and many other birds. Also, I thought your commentary was first-rate, so much more entertaining and informative than some boats that just list the birds. I certainly learnt a lot of new things.                                                                           Kevin Cox 31/01/14

Spent the morning with Tamar Wildlife on one of their Avocet and Spoonbill Cruises. Three Spoonbills were seen as were a minimum of 218 Avocets were counted.                                          Derek Julian, Camel Estuary Birds 15/12/12

As you say, Bruce, an excellent day. Thoroughly enjoyed it, as ever. The sunlight on the Avocets as they took flight, the over-flying Spoonbill and the GND particular highlights for me. Many thanks for organising what is an essential element of my winter birdwatching now.                                                                                    Peter Crispin 10/12/11

My first one too and it was a really enjoyable day and very informative. Thank you Bruce (and helpers!).                                                                               Angie 16/02/10

My first trip with you, like to say a big thank you had a truly lovely day . Weather was well organised too!                                                                         Diana Rowe 15/02/10



Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of Tore.
It was great news that she had been fishing for herself and a lot of people will be relieved about that!                                                                                Lorraine 26/09/11

Thank you so much for the pictures of Tore , superb pics , I am just so pleased to see her with a fish – wonderful . Take care Tore.                                         Valerie 26/09/11

Wonderful photos. I really appreciate being able to view what you have captured. Thank you.                                                                                              Cirrus 24/09/11

Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos of Tore; and for writing about her on this blog. The photos are excellent, and show what a lovely bird she has matured into. It’s obvious that she had learnt to fish, but lovely to have it confirmed!
Thank you                                                                                     Daisy Ray 24/09/11

Lovely to be able to ‘see’ Tore as she had a spot of R&R and learned how to fish before she started the epic part of her first migration. Thank you.                    SheilaFE 24/09/11

Thank you for these brilliant pics of Tore from Loch Garten. Absolutely wonderful to see her fishing!  Avid Osprey Watcher.                                                         Sandra 23/09/11


Tores satellite tag information indicated that unfortunately she probably died on her wintering grounds in West Africa in January or February 2012                             Avocet