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Tamar Wildlife is now able to supply a range of top quality, hand built nestboxes. We have been commissioned to provide over 30 boxes for a farm in south Devon and these have recently been positioned in time for the 2011 breeding season. All our boxes are made in Cornwall, from FSC exterior grade 12mm plywood, and are glued and screwed for added durability. They all have doors or removable lids for easy cleaning, or to access the boxes for checking and/or ringing. Each box is supplied with fixing battens which hold it away from the fixing point enabling it to remain dry and it can be easily re-located if necessary.

Prices exclude postage, packing and delivery. A fitting service is available for Cornwall and Devon. E-mail or phone to discuss your requirements.

Boxes can be supplied flat-packed with instructions for self assembly.

Kestrel Nestbox £60.00 each

Designed to simulate a hole in the trunk of a tree or where a large bough has torn off and a hollow has formed. These are the Kestrel’s natural nest sites.

Tawny Owl Nestbox £60.00 each

We can supply three different designs. The upright box may also be used by Jackdaws and Stock Doves. The chimney type is fixed underneath a large branch and simulates where a branch has snapped off and then the heartwood has rotted back leaving a long hollow. Finally the ‘dutch-letterbox’ design has had very good success as it offers a greater floor area and more space for the chicks.


Barn Owl Nestbox £100.00

Built to Barn Owl Trust specifications and can be positioned inside a barn or other farm buiilding or on a large tree. A Natural England licence is required to disturb or check breeding Barn Owls.

Small Hole Nestbox £20.00 each

The typical Tit Box, our design has no hinges that rust or screws to remove when checking.

The hole size can be drilled to 25mm, 28mm or 32mm to encourage a range of species.

Open fronted box £20.00 each

This box may be occupied by Robin, Pied Wagtail or Spotted Flycatcher.

Bat Box £20.00 each

Usually positioned in ‘3s’ around the trunk of a tree to offer roosting and breeding locations. A range of designs are available depending upon where the boxes are to be located. These boxes are not painted with any wood preservative which can be toxic to bats. Also note that it is illegal to disturb breeding or roosting bats without a license issued by Natural England.

Treecreeper Box £20.00 each

Treecreepers are woodland birds and will typically nest in a crevice behind the bark of a dead tree. The wedge shaped design of this box reflects this, and the box may be covered with bark to make it more like a natural nest site. Blue Tits and Coal Tits will also sometimes use this type of box.

House Sparrow Terrace £45.00 each

House Sparrows are communal breeders and the box is able to hold three pairs. Sited under the eaves of the house or at the roof apex they are readily occupied for breeding and also used for roosting during the winter.

Swift Box from £30.00 each

Two designs are available The basic ‘shoebox’ design and the Zeist type which has been very successful in Holland.

Zeist Swift Boxes, Plymouth

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