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Avocet On September - 27 - 2011

The latest news is that Tore has made it to Africa!

From her previous last reported point, she has travelled down through Extremadura, into Portugal on 23the September at 9pm, down through the Algarve to the coast near Faro, before heading out to sea, at night, making landfall on the¬†Moroccan coast at c.7am at Larache. She then kept going, passing Souk-el-Arba-du-Rharb, then west of Meknes, overnighted just south of Tadla, passing Ouarzazate at 2pm on 25th September, her latest fix being near Foum Zguid, just north of the border with Algeria. Phew, that’s all quite an epic step for her after her rather slow progress thus far. It’s great news that she has the potentially hazardous sea crossings now behind her, but she will not have come across arid, fish-less desert terrain in her life before, until now. That’s her next major challenge.

Amazing to think that just 9 days ago she was on our doorstep at Wacker Quay.

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