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Avocet On September - 13 - 2011

One of the young Ospreys that fledged from the nest at the RSPBs Loch Garten reserve has frequented the lower Tamar and River Lynher since the end of August. Called ‘Tore’, she is fitted with a satellite tracking device and her progress from Scotland is being monitored on a daily basis. You can follow her by clicking on the link

I saw her from the car park at Wacker Quay on the afternoon of 8th September, perched in a dead tree eating a fish. This evening she flew into the same tree at 1845 and continued to fly backwards and forwards across the creek till I left at 1915. She was obviously fishing and hopefully caught her supper before it got dark. Her favourite perch is the dead tree over the creek to the left, in front of the double electric pole. She also perches in the dead branches of the Oaks on the opposite side of the creek.


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