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Avocet On February - 15 - 2013

Tamar Wildlife is able to supply a range of nestboxes and now is the time to think about the coming breeding season. Valentine’s Day 2013 is the start of the 16th annual National Nest Box Week (NNBW), organised by the British Trust for Ornithology, which encourages people across the UK to put up nest boxes for birds. Last year, the wet weather in April and June led to the worst breeding season on record for many species. Caterpillars were in short supply and Blue Tits fledged 13% fewer chicks than normal. Great Tits fared worse – 18% fewer chicks which is the second lowest productivity recorded in almost 50 years.

However,  Blue Tits and Great Tits,  produce large numbers of young and have the capacity to bounce back quickly after a single bad year. All they need is somewhere warm and safe to build a nest, and some favourable spring weather. Putting up a nest box is one of the easiest of things that you can do to help. Whether it is a home made box or a specially designed box that has been purchased from us, why not put up a nest box this National Nest Box Week and do your bit to help.

Apart from Blue Tits and Great Tits over 60 species have been recorded using nest boxes. House Sparrows and Starlings will use the typical round-hole design and Robins, Pied Wagtails or Spotted Flycatchers use the open fronted type. Boxes for Kestrels, Barn Owls and Swifts are also available. See our Nestbox page for the full range available.


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