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Avocet On January - 26 - 2014

Bruce leading the guided walk around the lake

On Wednesday morning, 22nd January, I led a guided walk and finished the tree planting with help from children from Millbrook and Fourlanes End Schools. The day was organised to view the works that have been undertaken this winter and to celebrate their completion. Attended by 58 childrenĀ from the schools and 30 adults, some staying for a buffet lunch afterwards. The event was a successful celebration of the many hours of work put in by volunteers of the Millbrook Lake Conservation Group, Millbrook Parish Council and the landscape architect James Brown.

Many thanks to James, Martin Fine (Lottery Funding Facilitator), Karenza, Richard, Tony, the TMS team and any one else involved in the completion of the project.

Children from Millbrook and Fourlanesend Schools

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