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Avocet On December - 2 - 2013

Today we looked at the finish material and the what the island will look like. Its taken 160 tonnes of 150mm – 100mm perimeter stone and 180 tonnes of 75mm – 6mm infill stone that has brought the island up by a metre. Although originally I thought not to plant any trees, I have re-considered and will put in some Osiers that can be coppiced on a rotational basis. This will prevent them from growing to large when they would  be susceptible to wind blow. Logs will be placed randomly on the beach to provide some shelter for roosting waders. We discussed the addition of coir rolls, established with Common Reed Phragmites australis as this is probably the only species that will tolerate the variations in salinity. These are expensive (£22/m) and it may be best to allow the island to settle and plant in the spring. Click on thumbnails for full size image.

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