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Avocet On March - 14 - 2014

Heronries Survey

At the recent joint CBWPS/BTO/UoE conference (where I gave a presentation on GBBs) the CBWPS launched the 2014 Cornwall Heronries Survey which aims to visit all of the recorded heronries in the county to confirm their current status. Some are undoubtably historical and will be unoccupied, but a full audit of all of all of these sites is long overdue. The Tamar Valley is an important county site for Herons and there may be new heronries tucked away somewhere.

To help you find a listed site near you, CBWPS has created an interactive map where you can zoom in to your local area and see which sites still need to be visited:

If you’re able to check one (or more!) of these sites then get in touch with Mark Grantham and he’ll allocate you that site. All we really need to know is if the site is occupied and if so, how many active nests (of Grey Heron and Little Egret if you’re lucky) you find.

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